A game show where teams of 4 made up from friends or family compete together for a big jackpot. All they should do to win is decide very carefully where they stand, avpiding wrong answers across the 7 rounds of this competition because if not, they will be crushed by cash.

Soccer Cities
Soccer Cities combines all these ingredients. A new lifestyle TV series that will bring you to a different city each week. We’ll discover each city through the eyes of a well-known soccer player or coach who will show us his favorite places and share his personal experience.

Kids will discover how the world is made through videos and experiments at the set.

Two for the Show
Two famous comedians host a live show where celebrities and audience are put to the test with performances, hidden camera pranks, interviews and more.

Catch Me If You Can
Ambiguous questions, irreverent answers and a great jackpot shape this daily 50' minute quiz show.

All in Order
A daily game show where the key to winning is order.

The Target
The Target is a current affairs magazine focused on what is called “Fact Checking”. The program scutinizes declarations made in the current political panorama which use quantifiable data as their basis. The statements are compared and contrasted with verifiable data and with the intention of deciding their degree of validity.

The Break
A funny news program that serves as a scathing review of current events and the way they are treated in the media, this show highlights the most surprising stories heard on the radio, seen on television and read in papers. The show’s most characteristic feature is the host’s fast and ingenious commentary. The popular showman, along with his collaborators, analyzes images and news from the media, leaving no detail out.

Celebrity Pole Dancing
The latest Talent Show from Holland.

The Run of your Life
Could you imagine getting off your sofa to start running with an elite sportsman?.

LAB Just the Way we are
LAB is an experiment with reality, a lot of humor and a bit of meanness, it revolves around the concept of “stereotype, just the way we are”.

Five Minute Round
One presenter, one contestant and only 5 minutes to answer as many questions as possible and win the maximum amount of money. The streets of your city or town become the set of the new quiz Five Minute Round. Are you ready to play?.

24 Hours
24h in the Street accompanies the professionals in their daily work routine protecting the community: Police, Emergency Service, Civil Guard and the Army.

25 in 25
Contestants are faced with answering 25 questions in 25 minutes, proving their knowledge in general culture to win the jackpot.

59 Seconds
59 Seconds is a talk show in which active participation is the key element. Why 59 seconds? Because is the amount of time given to each participant to reply on the program’s weekly topic.

Alessandra, Only Sex
"ALESSANDRA" is a talk show hosted by sex therapist Alessandra Rampolla. A show where fun and information go hand in hand in learning everything you ever wanted to know about sex.

The Boat, on Course to the Unknown
During the 30-day journey, the North Star training ship will be the only home for a group of contestants looking to set a new course for their lives.

Beasts takes into a world of animals from exotic pets to farmyard animals. We are shown the lives of rural vets, animal clinics, pet psychologists and the largest zoos in the country.

Castle Trial
Castle Trial is a journey around the most famous Spanish castles full of adventure, challenges and competition.

Celebrities Under the Spotlight
Celebrities under the Spotlight is a humorous daily magazine which comments on celebrity news from a male point of view. It’s a colloquial, transgressor and funny program.

The Comedy Club
Comedy Club is a stand-up comedy show in which celebrities from various backgrounds are taken out of their comfort zone and coached to do a 7-8 minute stand-up routine in front of a live studio audience.

Comedy Club Celebrities
What can an ex-soccer player, a newscaster, a bullfighter, a designer or an opera singer have in common? That once they enter Comedy Club Celebrities they all become stand-up comedians.

The Conqueror of the End of the World
Reality / adventure in which 3 or 5 countries compete during 40 days in a journey across the Argentine Patagonia.

Country Roads
As we turn off major freeways and highways, we end up on country roads that often allow us to get to know people with real personality and places where time seems to have stood still.

Deconstructing Celebrities
A documentary coaching show that aims to deconstruct one of Spain’s most popular figures’ image in the media.

Don't Know No Answer
Don’t Know No Answer is a fun quiz show with questions based on published statistics and sociological studies relating to man’s behavior and way of living.

Fish & Chips
FISH & CHIPS is a game show that stimulates English language learning in children through games and music.

Generation Rock
A group of 25 elderly people chosen from over 700 candidates take on the challenge of singing rock classics such as AC/DC’s Highway to Hell in front of a real audience.

Good Fortune
Good Fortune is a very particular Bingo which has special celebrity guests and a group of dancers who participate with the studio audience to win cash and prizes.

Hit It or Beat It
Hit It or Beat It is a 50 minutes fast paced daily quiz show in which 5 women and 5 men compete against each other in various rounds of general knowledge questions during a whole week.

Hotel Stories
Hotel is a docu-reality where a hotel becomes the perfect setting for sharing personal stories; family reunions, confronting harsh truths, meeting celebrities or relaxing by the pool...

I Fancy You
In this dating show, three suitors compete for the heart of a guy or a girl, by answering compromising and funny questions in front of the studio audience.

I know what you did..
This magazine is a parody of programs that talk about celebrities. The hosts will count on several contributors who will help them to develop the different sections of the program.

Everything that is related with stereotypes: our jobs, social life, behaviors, appearance, habits… will be analyzed by the LAB reporters through experiments as surprising as effective.

Look at My Neighborhood
The main objective of this docu-reality is to find the most eccentric and charismatic people of each neighborhood, they will be our guide to know the real essence of each place.

Mountain Challenge
"El Conquistador del Aconcagua" is an adventure for 16 contestants who together with the expedition leader, the host and a celebrity will try to reach the top of the highest mountain in South America.

The Joke Club
This new and a trendy humor program combines live performances with fiction plots with the unique purpose of making people laugh.

The Mission
A team of inexperienced TV producers, selected from resumes and interviews, are assigned a mission: to help others.

Splunge is a new, innovative and different concept in comedy and chat show based on fabulous scripts and a great cast.

The Strip
Entertainment short-sketch program with four different stories reflecting everyday life situations. Each of the four stories is located in a different setting and led each by its group of actors and actresses.

Tricicle Collection
Sketches series based on daily surrealists situations.

Who Lives There?
How many times in front of a peculiar house have we wondered who lives there?

What do you do for a living?
The program features the jobs the anonymous people in our surroundings do for a living.

Weight Loss Challenge
The program features the jobs the anonymous people in our surroundings do for a living.

Ready to Dictate
A game show for all the family and every type of family.